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After almost 20 years of war the Iraqi economy is slowly starting to rebuild. It is a country that is working hard to rebuild it's own economy while also dealing with an influx of refugees and internally displaced populations. This diversity is part of what makes Iraq a perfect hub for startups. Iraq is a country full of smart, capable young people with limited economic opportunities. By giving youth the skills they need to work online we are helping to break down those economic barriers and change the perception of the region. In addition to finding economic opportunities online students now also have the skills to start addressing some of the issues they are facing in their own communities using technology.


Canada is a diverse and beautiful country with people emigrating every year from all over the world. Diversity is Canada's strength and we want to be able to give newcomers the skills they need to be competitive in the Canadian job market. Whether they are looking to start their own business, grow in their current role or find new employment our workshops give participants the skills they need to succeed.


Rwanda is one of Africa's fastest growing economies with economic growth averaging more than 7% every year since 2000. It is a country full of smart, creative young people. Our workshops give youth the skills they need to grow their ideas into companies and create solutions to problems they are facing in their communities using tech.


Indonesia has the biggest economy in South East Asia. With an eye for design and an influx of tourism - young people are coming up with new ideas to start their own companies every day. With our workshops we teach them how to build their websites and get the word out.


Gaza is a small strip of land situated between Israel and Egypt with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world. With the borders frequently closed and movement severely restricted tech skills are helping to get young people online and working. If you cannot migrate to seek jobs, bring the jobs to you! Having the skills you need to get online and access a global digital economy is life changing!


Israel is a diverse country with people emigrating from all around the world. Tel Aviv, it's largest city is know as the start up nation. It's essential that youth start learning digital skills from a young age to be competitive in the Israeli job market - no matter what field they are planning to pursue, tech will help them further their dreams.


What Does Programming Have To Do With Peace?

We believe that one of the major barriers to peace is economic instability and by teaching youth the skills they need to be competitive in today’s job market and to work remotely we are helping to remove that barrier.


What Do We Teach?

We equip the future generation with the skills they need to solve the problems they are facing in their communities using technology. We believe that code has the power to change lives and we want to make tech education accessible across the globe. We teach a range of coding languages and a problem solving mentality, no problem is too big to tackle!

With our programs we create opportunities for our students to use what they learn to empower themselves and those around them to be change makers, and how to access a digital economy to gain employment and have control over their present and future.

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