The problem and the solution

Our world is changing quickly. We are facing problems today that we have not faced before; an education system that was designed for a world we no longer live in, a prison system that punishes rather than rehabilitates, war, mass migration, global warming, over population, etc. Who better to come up with solutions than those affected by the issues they are facing?

The good news: our world is getting smaller and diversity is our strength. We equip the future generation with the skills and tools they need to address the problems they are facing in their communities using technology and problem solving skills (a programming mindset). As our world becomes more connected and we want to give youth the skills they need to get online and participate in global digital economy. We believe that digital skills have the power to remove borders and economic barriers. Code will be the great equalizer, no matter where you live in the world, opportunities will be available to you through a screen, diversity will strengthen our companies and our world and in turn this will trickle down to local economies everywhere.


Technology is our present and future…

Technology is here to stay and for better or for worse it is starting to make up more and more of our world. Being technology literate is essential to understanding the world around us and how things work. We believe that teaching programming is as essential as teaching reading, writing or math. Technology is our present and our future, we want youth to be able to participate in building it!

Addressing the gender gap…

At least half of our workshop, hackathon and bootcamp participants are female. By training more girls and women and having a strong female presence in our classroom environment we are opening up the door to get more women and girls interested in and working in tech.

In addition, we host women's only workshops, women in tech panels and women focused networking events.


Who do we teach?

Our programs are aimed at anyone who would like to learn. We teach a variety of skills to a variety of different audiences, from absolute beginners to those who have been around the tech industry for a while and are looking to update their skills.

We focus on women and youth but have taught children's workshops as well as workshops for seniors. All we ask is that you show up with a "can do" attitude, don't be afraid to try new things and fail, and to keep trying and ask for help when you need it. Our workshops are fun and intense. If you are ready to learn we are ready to teach!


What do we teach?

Our current focus is front end development. We teach languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Liquid. We also focus on soft skills like public speaking, entrepreneurship, copy writing, digital design, social media management, resume building, and so much more!

We are constantly updating and improving our curriculums, if you are looking to hire for a skill we are not currently teaching, get in touch!

Our Programs