Laurent Kirke-Smith

Web Designer

a gif of me and somme kLab students and our teacher

Who Am I?

I am front end developer that is new to programming and is looking for opportunities to gain more experience. I am a student looking for an internship to work full time during the holidays. If you are interested, keep reading to get to know little bit more about me and feel free to contact me.

a gif of some of my achievements

About Me

My full name is Mbabazi Thierry Laurent Kirke-Smith and I am a 15 year old student currently in Riviera High School. I have had a passion for IT since I first touched a computer and thanks to Brit Hemming from Programmers 4 Peace and kLab I have been able to turn my dreams into a reality. I am honest, hardworking and I enjoy challenges. I work well independently and even better in a group. My skills include web development and design. I can create wireframes and speak HTML and CSS. I can also work with a statistics site generator called Jekyll, JavaScript, and a JavaScript librar known as JQuery.

What I Do

I can create and design a website from scratch for individuals or small businesses.

My Goals

My goal is to become a trusted and highly recommendable programmer delivering first class material to clients. I understand the value of time and the importance of quality work. I believe a good reputation is key for a successful career and will work hard to satisfy the needs of my clients.

My Skills


I believe being the first born child in my family has made me into a natural born leader. In year 6 I was elected student council class representative, have been captain of multiple P.E lessons as well as the under 15 boys basketball team. I have also led my class in preparation for the 2017 major Cambridge Checkpoint Exams.

Fast Learner

I learn new skills quickly and am frequently at the top of my class. As a result I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge.

Group Work

While I can work well independently, I enjoy working in a group more. I like sharing and gaining knowledge from others and contributing to the group's well-being.


I appreciate the beauty and creativity in design and like to draw inspiration from art and my life. I have always had a passion for art and above all enjoy design in web development. It brings me joy to see balance and ideas that fit creatively together.