Simon Pierre Niwemugizi

Front-End Web Developer

Computer Technician

About me

Simon Pierre Niwemugizi is my full name, but you can just call me Simon. I am currently living in Kigali, Rwanda. I have a passion for travel, fitness, food and love meeting new people. I am a die-hard fanatic football fan and cheer for Real Madrid.

My background is in computer hardware, including, software repairs and maintenance. Recently, I have also started to pursue a path in CODING.

You heard it right…CODING! I have always had a desire to learn how to build and design websites and now have a new favorite hobby.

To my surprise, coding is currently an in-demand skill and rewarding career path. I am currently building a portfolio of my work including this website. I intend to expand my knowledge and expertise in website development and become a full-stack web developer.

I am a strong believer that nothing is impossible if you have a willing heart. My journey in web development has just begun, stay tuned for updates and new projects.

Services I offer

Computer Maintenance

    I have more than 5 years of experience in computer harware and software maintenance.
  • I install and setup computer harware for home and office appliances, labs
  • Operating systems installation, troubleshooting and, optimisation
  • I fix all software related issues
  • I provide training for computer usage depending on client's prefference

Network Administration

    For I provid a wide range of computer network support. My experiences in this feild range from;
  • Installation of networks for home, small office and companies phyisical netowork
  • Network troubleshooting and repairs
  • Cloud management and remote administration

Web Design

    I create all kinds of websites and blogs for personal and businesses and design them with new technology
  • I create responsives web sites and provide support and administration if needed
  • I manage websited
  • Cloud management and remote administration

Experiences and Places I Have worked

I have worked on many projects in my career. I have picked a few for you to have an insight of my skills and experiences


    I began my career in 2009 working as a secondary school ICT teacher. I taught for a year and went on to working in several other companies like and,
  • Mulindi tea factory from 2011 to 2012
  • Data entry with World Vision from March 2012 to November 2012.
  • I went on to do cellphone,computer hardware and software repairs at a Tech repair outlet in Kigali city before I went on to work for Kepler in 2014

IT management

    From 2014 to 2017, I worked for Kepler Kigali in charge of technology. Below is a few but not least of the responsibilities for my position
  • In charge of technology for 2 Kepler compases
  • Network monitoring and managent
  • Manage tech assistants
  • Computer repairs
  • Procurement for technology equipment