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Past Workshops

Kigali, Rwanda - #KigaliCodes 12 Day Front End Bootcamp

November 27th 2017 to December 8th 2017, Our 12 day front end development bootcamp gave students the knowledge they needed to get started in the tech industry as a front end developer. We had 9 students graduate this course - you can see their projects here: Alumni

12 day front-end bootcamp Kigali Rwanda
Full day HTML and CSS workshop Bali Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia - 1 day HTML and CSS Workshop

October 2017, a full day introduction to HTML and CSS workshop in partnership with Learn with Locals. Students learned how to build a one page website from scratch using HTML and CSS. By the end of the day each student had built their very own one page website and a list of resource for continued independent learning.

Gaza City, Palestine - 3 Day Women's Coding Workshop

February 2017, A 3 day workshop at the Gaza Sky Geeks Office in Gaza City for women ages 17 to 30. This workshop focused on branding and design, creating and building a personal website using HTML and CSS and and an introduction to WordPress and blogging.

3 day coding workshop for women in Gaza City
Hackathon for Teen Girls in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel - 3 Day Hackathon for Teen Girls

January 2017, Our 3-day Hackathon teaches young women the crucial skills to succeed in a future driven by technology. We will feature workshops hosted by industry leaders covering topics such as coding, product development and how to pitch your idea. Working in teams of 4, each group will develop an innovative product that solves a community issue and pitch their idea to a panel of judges.

Kigali, Rwanda - 2 Day Intro to Coding Workshop for Teens

October 2015, A 2 day workshop at K Lab (a hub for social innovation). The workshops focused on HTML, CSS, Design and WordPress for high school students.

Kigali Rwanda - 1 Day Intro to Coding Workshop for Gap Year Students

November 2015, A day long workshop at Bridge to Rwanda (a gap year program for the top students from Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Burundi). The workshop was a crash course introduction to HTML, CSS, Design and WordPress for high school students.

What We Teach


We equip the future generation with the skills they need to solve the problems they are facing in their communities using technology. We believe that code has the power to change lives and we want to make tech education accessible across the globe. We teach a range of coding languages and a problem solving mentality, not problem is too big to tackle. With our programs and skills we create opportunities for our students to use what they learn to empower themselves and those around them to be change makers. The access a digital economy and have control over their future.

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